No Compromise

“Don’t compromise yourself. You are all you’ve got.”
—Janis Joplin

Sooo, I’ve decided to dip my big toe back into the dating pool.  And, what that means, is back into the online dating pool.  I rarely meet men otherwise.  Though it has been a year since I’ve ventured out into this wild space, I’ve realized not much has changed.  Sometimes there is a comfort to the things that prove constant in our lives. =)

For example, the basic types of guys are still present within this dating pond.  They are a constant.  I feel I’m like taking roll call …

Controlling guy?

(You know, the one who wants to know your every move after one date? Or even BEFORE?)

“Present.”  Check.

Commitment Phobic guy?

(You know, the one who wants to know everything there is to know about you before he commits to even … MEETING face to face?  And then STILL drags his feet?)

“Well, I’m kinda here.  Why do you want to know?” Check.

Much Younger guy?

(You know, the one who just talks about how “hot” you are and asks about how “affectionate” you tend to be?)

“Yo. What up?” Check.

Sheesh.  Now I remember why I take such long breaks in-between dating.

Prince Charming guy?


(sigh) … maybe one day he will show up?

Of course he will! Right after he and Cinderella get a divorce. 😉

I’m teasin … Until then, I’ll remain hopeful and flex my magnetism.  I know one day I’ll draw him to me.  But, meanwhile, compromising … is not an option!  Right?!?