As Others See Us

“Reality is negotiable.”
Tim Ferriss

As a helping professional, I’ve had the privilege of working with many people working through a variety of issues and creating a life that works for them.  One thing I’ve often felt myself thinking is, “I wish they could see themselves as I do.”  As a helping professional, with a more objective perspective, I often see the best in my clients.  I see their strengths, I see what they’ve overcome, I see the beauty in their goals and dreams and visions.  I get to the play the part of coaching them to that next goal or guidepost.

So, for you today – I’d like to ask you to consider … how might others see you in a more positive light than you see yourself?  How do others compliment you and offer support and admiration with a personality quality you possess or a skill you utilize on a regular basis that you might take for granted, but that doesn’t come so easily to others?

The truth is – we are unique and have individual qualities and experiences that make us who we are.  Take some time today to consider areas you may be too self-critical or not appreciating your personal victories or strengths.  Please share if anything is resonating …

Keep on keepin on, ya’ll … it’s a journey worth taking. 🙂