Listed are the posts for April 2011.

A Good Life

“The human heart has an almost unlimited ability to bounce back from spiritually destructive experiences. Some deep part of us, the soul you could call it, fights not just for life, but for a good life, and a just one.”  – Lundy Bancroft My journey into single parent-dom has in many ways, been my journey […]

Breakfast in bed

There is only one pretty child in the world, and every mother has it.  ~Chinese Proverb This past week was so busy.  I kept telling myself and those around me that if I could just get to Sunday, I could rest.  I had given myself that day to simply rest and rejuvenate.  No work.  No […]

Burn, baby burn.

Passion is the flame that burns white-hot. -Zig Ziglar I just wanted to record an update about my first event for my business.  In so many ways, it felt like a smashing success!  I was surrounded by friends and their friends and sharing a message from the heart on “Nurturing Passions into Careers.”  I felt […]


It takes great courage to see the world in its tainted glory and still love it.    – Oscar Wilde Since I’ve launched my website and started my blog, I’ve often reflected on my own single mom journey up until today.  I’ve been divorced for nearly 6 years now.  It seems to have gone by so […]

Stretching my tent posts.

“Think less about approaching death and more about approaching life.”  – Alan Cohen I am “skerred”. I am making preparations for my first official “Passionate Life Solutions” event.  It is a presentation on Nurturing Your Passions into Careers. It’s exciting, but – anytime we stretch ourselves or require more of ourselves, it can feel really […]