About Kris

Once upon a time, I felt I had found my happily ever after.  Because my spouse and I shared a similar commitment to our faith and a desire to serve others – we had big dreams, and big plans to do so.  However – things did not turn out to be so “happy” or so “ever-after”.  Instead of the big dreams, my marriage proved to be a union that would strip me down to an emotional nub and require me to retreat to living a very small life.

After two children and six years of marriage – I left.  I left my dreams.  I left my plans.  And, for a time – I even left my faith.  I felt I was only the shell of my former self.  I left because I felt I had to choose a better life for my children and dignity for myself.

I slowly began my journey of healing and recovery from abuse.  On this journey, these words began to ring true for me …

“I can be changed by what happens to me. But I refuse to be reduced by it.”   – Maya Angelou

I could acknowledge that my circumstances had forever changed me, but I knew I did not have to let them reduce me.  I had a choice.  So, I began a season of exploring the full width, breadth, depth and height of all God intended.  I decided I would reach my full potential and fulfill my calling.  And, most importantly, I decided I would give myself permission to dream a new dream.

I let my passion for serving others guide me.  I returned to school, pursuing a Masters in Counseling.  I have recently opened my personal development business, “Passionate Life Solutions” whose mission is to help women live joyful and impassioned lives. From the life lessons learned, I’ve created a vision of helping other single moms – especially those who have come out of abusive and damaging relationships.  I want to help women find a sisterhood of hope, support, comfort, encouragement and inspiration – for starting anew.

My Blog:

This blog will serve as a space for conversation and sharing – to discuss where we are and where we hope to be – and to help each other get there!  It is intended to be a positive and uplifting space for single moms to explore healing, personal growth and the depth, width and height of their greatness!  Because, regardless of what you have been through – I want you to know there IS greatness within.

I know I do not have all of the answers.  In fact, I still have a lot of questions! =)  But, I also believe that within each of us is profound wisdom, compassion and strength.  Together, we can be a great resource to one another – a soft place to fall and a safe place to find our courage to stand up again – to reach for our potential.

In closing, I would like to introduce you to my two children:  My son is 11 yrs old and I will be referring to him in my posts as, “My Little Man.”  And, my daughter who is 7 yrs old, will be referred to as “My Moxie Girl” (yeeeeess, she got that sassiness honestly! 😉 ).  And, when referring to them both, I will call them, “My M&M’s” (since both of their names do begin with the letter “M” – how fun!).

If you would like to contact me directly – you can do so at: kris@passionatelifesolutions.com

Alright, Sassy Single Moms – Onward we go – I’m looking forward to our journey!